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Preparing for Online Classes

Written by QCMHA Co-Chair, Allegra Osborne

Moving back to Kingston was both exciting and daunting. I was itching to see my housemates, see friends, and be back in this beautiful town. But, I was worried about online classes and how I would stay motivated.

I’ve always considered going to class in Goodes Hall as an event in my day. I’d walk down Alfred St. to class with my housemates, or maybe meet up with some friends along the way, or maybe walk alone. If I had time before class, I’d talk with some friends or check out the booths in the atrium.

But, something I do before every single class is fill up my water bottle at the water fountain—I loved having cold water in class. Then after class, I’d walk home. It was an event in my day.

It’s worrisome to think that this semester, those ‘events’ will look very different. It’s more worrisome to think of how I can replicate that into my day. That’s why I’ve been trying to do my best to prepare for online classes and create a suitable study space.

Figuring out what works for me and my study space is tricky because this is a very unprecedented time. I know that I get distracted very easily, so to have a clear and clean workspace is essential for me. I also know that support is super important during this time, which is why I have a very reliable support system if i ever feel stressed and need to talk to someone.

This preparation helps me de-stress, however, I’m aware that changes may be needed in practice. For instance, I don’t know what my motivation levels are going to be like yet. As I said, it’s a completely unprecedented time.

While all this is said, I am still looking forward to this semester. I’m looking forward to spending more time with my housemates. I’m looking forward to the time spent on my extra curriculars. But more than ever, I’m looking forward to QCMHA and all of the events we have in store.

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