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The Importance of a Support System

Written by QCMHA Co-Chair, Finn Price

The first week of online school is now complete. I’m sure most are happy to be back in a routine and seeing friends again, albeit through a video camera. However, not everything about going back to school is fun.

The first thing that I do when a Semester starts is look at the syllabus to see all the assignments and exams I am going to have to work on. I proceed to copy these out into my calendar, however, this year, I’ve found there are many more small assignments. Seeing all those deadlines at once before actually learning anything can stress anyone out.

In comes the importance of a support system. Before I talk about how important a support system is, I want to define it. In my eyes, a support system is a group of people that you can turn to in order to help reduce stress. Whether they be friends, families, teachers or even pets, as long as they help reduce stress they are showing you support.

Studies show that social support can also reduce depression and anxiety in addition to stress. With so much going on and university being presented in a new way, it is important to identify a strong support system early on so that you have those resources throughout the semester.

Personally, I have tried to surround myself with the type of friends who are able to make me laugh and can also listen to the serious issues. For me, laughing is what makes me feel more at ease and reduces my stress. For others however, you may want to surround yourself with people who are able to give really good advice.

Who we choose to include in our support system is up to each of us. When making a list of the people you want to include in your support network, you may also want to make a list of those that you should spend less time with. It may be beneficial to limit your exposure to the negative people in your life, as these are the ones who drain your energy and bring you down.

I wish you all good luck in finding your own support system. I also want to remind everyone that they can always reach out to people on the QCMHA executive if they need to talk.

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