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Check out the amazing events we have throughout the school year! Come get involved in our community. 



The QCMHA Conference is a personal development conference held in Kingston, Ontario. It's open to all Queen's students in all programs and aims to bring more awareness to the importance of Mental Health.


Men's mental health is an important focus for QCMHA. During the month of November we host a variety of events including a keynote talk with the Movember organization, weekly 'lads' night at Brass, podcasts with QCMHA executive members, and more.   



Fireside Chats with the Counsellors

Every month QCMHA hosts a fireside chat with the Commerce Counsellors. Come join us for pizza and open & honest conversations about mental health and learn what resources are available to you! 


Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week is an important event for QCMHA. During this week we host a variety of initiatives for the Queen's Community. Keep an eye on our Instagram leading up to the first week in October. 



Sweat the Stigma

Sweat the Stigma is a week long initiative where students come together to run in the mornings before class. It aims to bring awareness to the stigma surrounding mental health and improve the mental state of participants! Come join us!

Sweat the Stigma
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