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Finding a Routine with Online Classes

Written by QCMHA member, Maddie Poutissou

With online classes, everyone has had to make adjustments to their routine. One of the hardest things I've found with online courses is disconnecting myself from my work as it feels like it follows me everywhere. At times this can be draining because it is difficult to make distinctions between when I am working and when I have downtime.

Some days will inevitably have more work than others; however, online classes can make it feel like you should be working much longer hours because you never physically leave the school environment.

Realizing this, I've been making a conscious effort to separate my day-to-day life from my school life. The hardest thing is that sometimes I feel guilty about doing this.

I enjoy making work schedules, and now, with the new circumstances, I have been adding break times within my schedule to feel productive in "checking off" times where I disconnect.

It's easy to forget that much of the middle of a school day last year was spent walking around campus and chatting with friends, so it's important to try to add these mental breaks and activities into your new routine.

In navigating this new school year, I've realized that taking an hour of my day to go on a walk, watch my favourite TV or have lunch with a friend is just as important as taking that hour to study. Small activities can be a great way to positively affect the way you feel, which can be significant in looking after your mental health in these unprecedented times.

Finding the balance between school and downtime is a challenge this year, and everyone has had to adapt their life, so don't be hard on yourself. Everyone will have a different way of disconnecting, but what is important is that you create a routine that works for you and ensures you get much-needed breaks to find success in school and in your day to day life.

Good luck to everyone with the rest of the semester, you are doing great!!

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