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“New Year, New Me”, Building Constructive Resolutions

Written by QCMHA Sponsorship Coordinator Sophie Sheehan

The beginning of a new year brings excitement and presents an optimal opportunity for personal growth and goal setting. However, it is also a time where I find myself making frequent comparisons to others. Furthermore, the pressure to instigate personal or lifestyle changes lingers. I remind myself that what is achievable and realistic for others to accomplish may not be what is achievable and realistic for me to accomplish within the same time frame or at all.

Instead of conforming to the common societal way of undergoing a complete self-transformation or making a drastic lifestyle change - take a compassionate approach. Focus on building constructive resolutions, rather than destructive ones. Begin with the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’, engage in self-reflection instead of basing inspiration on what those around you are doing.

Think about what small adjustments you could add in daily, weekly or monthly to boost your own happiness and overall well-being, not to please your peers. If you choose to tackle a large goal, break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. Create resolutions that are flexible and achievable that allow room for modifications throughout the process - leave some wiggle room. Life can get in the way and your goals and resolutions should reflect that.

Celebrate even the smallest milestones; be easy on yourself, some progress is better than no progress. Remember that January 1st is an arbitrary start date, and the end of 2024 is an arbitrary end date.

If you need some inspiration, the resolution I am taking on this year is to drink more water!

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